General question on the installation of Orthanc


I’m pretty new to Orthanc and I’m wondering if there is a better type of installation to use for a production environment (container, LSB binaries, packages, compile sources…) ?
In the same way what type of installation will be the easisest one to maintain up to date ?

Thank you in advance for helping me in my first steps with Orthanc !



This really depends on your expertise. As far as I’m concerned, as a core developer, I would recompile from sources.

If you are interested in deploying to a set of heterogeneous computers (or a Kubernetes cluster), Docker is probably the easiest solution and would enable the easy upgrade/downgrade between versions.

If you want zero dependencies yet quick deployments (e.g. to avoid the dependency on Docker), LSB binaries are probably the best.

The packages of GNU/Linux distributions are never guaranteed to be up-to-date, yet they might be useful to get an insight with Orthanc.

For a beginner with no experience with Docker, LSB binaries are the easiest way to dive into Orthanc:

For a beginner with experience with Docker, Docker is the easiest way:



Thank you for your answer. :wink:

A last question, do you advise to deploy the last version or the mainline one ?
I would say the mainline but is this right ?

The mainline is the developer version, and is neither stabilized nor validated.

As an end user, you should always favor the official releases (1.9.6 at the time of writing).

Thank you.

I recompiled from sources on CentOS and everything works.
But, I have two more questions:

Despite having read Orthanc book, I did not found any documentation on how updating Orthanc, (I found DB upgrade process only). Is the process as simple as downloading new sources and recompile them ? If yes, how do you uninstall them ? I tried the “make uninstall” command but it did not work.

And, the last one, I used the option “-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/orthanc” with the “cmake” command, but, the files always stay in the current folder. Is there a magic trick to get Orthanc in /opt or /usr/local when recompiling the sources?

Thank you


Yes, the update process simply consists in replacing the Orthanc binaries.

If an upgrade of the database schema is needed (which has not happened since Orthanc 0.9.5), Orthanc would ask you to use the “–upgrade” command-line to upgrade the database:

On my computer (Ubuntu 18.04), the “sudo make uninstall” command works as expected.

Regarding “-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/orthanc”, I confirm this also works as expected.

You should perhaps start from a fresh build directory, as cumulatively adding new CMake options to a build directory is not guaranteed to work.