For Your Interest: Just Posted A DicomWeb/Orthanc How To Article

I know occasionally people ask “How To Setup and Test DICOM Web?” The instructions on the Orthanc web sites are great, but I still needed a cookbook type instructions (as I set this up may be twice a year) so if you are looking for step by step on configuring Orthanc for the Dicom Web service and actually pushing a study using command utility (via dcm4che). It is a type of article if you follow the steps you will have everything up and running, and verify it is so, and even have a sample DICOM object to send in the article.

It is here. A Chef’s Guide to Working with DICOM Web Server with Orthanc and DCM4CHE

If you post a comment there I plan to expand the article over time.


Manabu Tokunaga

Great, thanks for your contribution!