feedback from our MRI techs on the beta interface

Our MRI techs wanted to share this piece of feedback on the ‘beta’ interface (orthanc-explorer-2):

“WE LOVE IT! It would be perfect except for just one thing - there needs to be a calendar UI for entering the date, and there needs to be a quick-access button like there is in the existing UI for searching today and yesterday.”


Thanks for your feedback!

Hi Daniel,

This is now part of OE2 v0.7.0:

Screenshot 2023-03-20 164806.png

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This is perfect, thanks!

One of our sole remaining wishes is … make the columns readable on a monitor that isn’t 3 miles wide.

Haha that’s an other story :slight_smile:

Right now, only thing you can do is to remove unwanted columns through this configuration:

// The ordered list of columns to display in the study list.
// Allowed values are:
// - Dicom Tags: “StudyDate”, “AccessionNumber”, “PatientID”
// “PatientName”, “PatientBirthDate”, “StudyDescription”
// - special columns:
// - “modalities”: the list of modalities in the study
// - “seriesCount”: the number of series in the study
“StudyListColumns” : [

Hi Daniel,

I’ve just reworked the top of the Study List (now with readable column names :-)).
That will be available very soon.