fedora install

I installed the free version on fedora linux. But how do I start the program? I am not sure where the actual file is that needs to be started in order for orthanc to begin running.


Under Fedora, Orthanc runs as a background service that can be started through the standard system utilities. Concretely, here is how you would start Orthanc after the installation of the package:

sudo service orthanc start

Once the Orthanc service is started, you can watch its log by reading the “/var/log/messages” file, e.g.:

sudo watch -n.1 ‘grep Orthanc /var/log/messages | tail -n30’

The Orthanc configuration is loaded from the file “/etc/orthanc/orthanc.json”.

Finally, to access Orthanc from remote computers, you will have to modify the firewall rules to allow incoming traffic on the HTTP and DICOM ports of Orthanc: