Explorer 2 Question

I am a new user of Orthanc.
I would like to get some help/suggestions about how to set up different Exlporer 2 UI for different roles/users: admins will be able to upload/delete while normal user could only view/download.

Currently what I am thinking of is to rebuild Explorer 2 with another name (and API call etc.). Different users will have access to different viewers (say Explorer2_original for admins and Explore2_modified for other users). For Explore2_modified, I could modified the UI through configuration file to disable upload/delete etc.

But I’m not sure if this is a working solution for the goal I would like to achieve and if it is the best way to achieve the goal.

Any suggestions/helps are appreciated!



Everything you need is here:


I downloaded the code and looking at the READMEs but was lost a little bit as I am new to dockers as well.
I found the ./orthanc-auth-service-main/demo-setup/start-demo.sh and run the script. (the nginx seems to have some issues but I guess I could ignore it for now as I’m testing it on the local server, not from remote).
The result is: I saw 4 containers running (but strangely 2 of them showed STATUS: Restarting".

$ docker container ls
e384a8e58f7f orthancteam/orthanc-auth-service “uvicorn app:app --h…” 30 minutes ago Restarting (255) 37 seconds ago orthanc-auth-service-main-orthanc-auth-service-1
c5c8cff68aec postgres:14 “docker-entrypoint.s…” 30 minutes ago Up 30 minutes 5432/tcp orthanc-auth-service-main-keycloak-db-1
f4abf3863ef0 osimis/orthanc:keycloak-unstable “/docker-entrypoint.…” 21 hours ago Restarting (1) 15 seconds ago orthanc-auth-service-main-orthanc-1
20073af847d0 postgres:14 “docker-entrypoint.s…” 21 hours ago Up 30 minutes 5432/tcp orthanc-auth-service-main-orthanc-db-1

Also, sudo lsof -i -P -n | grep “8000” gives me no result.

So I suspect the Authenification Plugin is not running at all (otherwise it should listen to the 8000 port).

Could you be kind enough to let me know if I did anything wrong?


You should actually start from one of the boilerplates setups. The demo setup (that should be renamed) is actually more a dev setup and might not be 100% functional right now.



Hi, Alain:
Thanks for your help!
I started with the " One with basic authentication only to demonstrate study sharing."
A few issues (I’m using Ubuntu 22.04):

  1. I have a non-docker version of orthanc that is running (installed through apt). yet in the yml file, an “orthanc: image: osimis/orthanc:23.9.0” is included. What should I do? Do I have to switch to the docker version of orthanc?

  2. Similarly, I have PostgreSQL 15 installed and running. yet the yml contains “orthanc-db:
    image: postgres:14”. Should I stop the v15 and install/run docker version of PostgerSQL 14? Or just change the yml parameter to fit the v15?
    Also, if I don’t want to use “TRUST” for orthanc-db: (environment:
    Are the following the right-thing to do?

     POSTGRES_HOST: "orthanc_db"  #this is the database name for orthanc
     POSTGRES_USER: "orthanc"  #this is the db user for orthanc to 
     POSTGRES_PASSWORD: "orthanc-pwd"  
  3. I should add share-user/share-passwd into the orthanc RegisteredUsers, right? because they are in the “Authorization” section in the yml file.
    “WebServiceUsername”: “share-user”,
    “WebServicePassword”: “share-passwd”