Error (Parameter out of range) when executing query via /tools/find that searches by StudyInstanceUID

I’m unable to execute the following query or any other query that searches by StudyInstanceUID using the wildcard character…it works fine if the wildcard character is removed

This doesnt work >>> { “Expand”: true, “Level”: “Studies”, “CaseSensitive”: false, “Query”: { “StudyInstanceUID”: “” }}

This works >>> { “Expand”: true, “Level”: “Studies”, “CaseSensitive”: false, “Query”: { “StudyInstanceUID”: “” }}

Wildcard matching is not allowed on DICOM tags whose value representation is UI (which is the case of StudyInstanceUID):

Your first request is simply invalid according to the DICOM standard.

It's only not working on the latest build. I can execute the query just fine in older builds.

That’s the DICOM standard. We just enforce it.

That’s fine. I’m just saying that this is new ie it wasn’t like this in previous builds.