error for incoming query

Hi all,

I’m using Orthanc 1.3.1 and I got this message in the log where Orthanc recieve incoming query from my DICOM network

E0411 14:22:21.198056 FromDcmtkBridge.cpp:1679] While creating a DICOM instance, tag (0008,0000) has out-of-range value: “”

E0411 14:22:21.199056 FindScp.cpp:272] C-FIND request handler has failed: Bad file format

It is puzzeling me, I had sucessfull incoming queries before but I can’t remember if it was in Orthanc 1.3.0 or 1.3.1.

May I have a wrong settings ? or still a problem in the group lenth bug that was solved in Orthanc some months ago ?

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It looks like this issue was discussed a few weeks ago:


Hi Salim,

Yes, please first try the script suggested by Sebastien. I’m suspecting this error to happen before the group-length tags are filtered out (thanks to the fix for issue 31).

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I have read Alain’s patch that was already part of Orthanc 1.3.1, and it should indeed be equivalent to the Lua script of the other thread:

Please could you make sure you are actually using Orthanc 1.3.1 (not an earlier release)?

Please also could you share the full Orthanc log in “–verbose” mode, when your remote modality is doing a C-FIND?


Dear Sebastien, Dear Alain,

This is really crazy, i’m sure to be in 1.3.1 and when I installed it it worked for incoming query.

I made a manual run of orthanc.exe with confing file and – verbose and incoming Query are OK.

But if I run on the conventional the orthancService.exe the incoming query are rejected.

One thing is really crazy ; In one of my startup log during the switch (manual / service start), I got this line : W1130 14:46:42.828115 PluginsManager.cpp:168] The version of Orthanc has changed from “1.3.0” to “1.3.1”: The cache of the Web viewer will be cleared

Here is my system when I start orthanc.exe :

   "DatabaseBackendPlugin" : null,
   "DatabaseVersion" : 6,
   "DicomAet" : "KANOUNIX",
   "DicomPort" : 4006,
   "HttpPort" : 8042,
   "Name" : "MyOrthanc",
   "PluginsEnabled" : true,
   "StorageAreaPlugin" : null,
   "Version" : "1.3.1"

and here with the orthancService.exe : 


This indeed tends to indicate that there is a problem with your installation.

Maybe the Orthanc service was still running while you were updating the old 1.3.0 installation?

You could manually start the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Orthanc Server\Orthanc.exe” to see what is the version of this file.

If the version is still 1.3.0, backup your configuration files, uninstall Orthanc, make sure no binary is left in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Orthanc Server", possibly reboot, then restart the 1.3.1 installer.


As a complement, the Orthanc uninstaller will show a message box saying: “Some elements could not be removed. These can be removed manually.”, if the uninstaller failed stopping the Orthanc service as a preliminary to the uninstall process.

Ok I will clean up everything the first version I installed in this computer was 1.1.0 so it is possible that I have remaining file (even if I didn’t find anything yet in the x86 folder).