Error executing forward


I am using Orthanc to forward to another PACS (remote).

It sends 90% of the images, but in the end it displays the error below and does not finish sending, that is, in the other PACS the study is halved.

Is this a problem at Orthanc? Or the other PACS?

I am using Orthanc version 1.2.

E1106 13:31:06.341632 DicomUserConnection.cpp:166] DicomUserConnection: Peer aborted Association (or never connected)
E1106 13:31:06.363705 StoreScuCommand.cpp:86] Unable to forward to a modality in a Lua script (instance f45434bc-fa088dbb-92a2051e-61679ad1-bc138d42): Error in the network protocol
E1106 13:31:06.374695 ServerScheduler.cpp:122] Job has failed (HTTP request: Store-SCU to peer “MIPACS”)
I1106 13:31:11.402774 ReusableDicomUserConnection.cpp:94] Closing the global SCU connection after timeout

Thank you!

Hi Marcelo,

You might want to run Orthanc with --verbose to collect more info eventually just before the failure.

Does it always fail on the same instance ? If yes, you might want to check the TransferSytanx of that file and check that the receiving PACS accepts it.

Best regards,