error during store ... what does it mean ? and how to fix


i'm trying to use orthanc for few days.

it worked instaled fine and recived series from cc but when i tray to send any study to CC it say " error during store" what does it mean , please help

This probably means that your “cc” modality is not configured to receive images from your instance of Orthanc. You should have a look at the configuration of your “cc”.

Of course, make also sure that the configuration of Orthanc contains the right information about “cc” (AET - Application Entity Title, IP address, and DICOM port) in the “DicomModalities” section.


Hi Sébastien,

I have a similar problem, but only with some of the studies. Some of my studies can be received in Slicer, but some can't. I tried to get the studies from the server to my client both via the web-interface of Orthanc and via the "Load-DICOM"-Interface of Slicer. The series where I get the error message "Error during store" in the web-interface can't be received via the Slicer-interface either. It's not related to the size of the study.

Any clues?


This probably indicates that the target modality does not support the transfer syntax of all the DICOM files you are trying to send from Orthanc.

For instance, this issue would occur if you try and send JPEG2k-encoded DICOM files to the “storescp” standard tool without providing the “–accept-all” option.

Without having access to your DICOM files, I cannot provide any other hint.



thanks for the quick answer! One of the studies that don't work can be downloaded here:

Where would I set the "--accept-all" option and are there other options I could set?



This problem is not related to Orthanc.

Slicer cannot receive files encoded using the JPEG 2000 transfer syntax (that is used by the OsiriX sample sets) when using the DICOM protocol. For instance, the following call that should import the DICOM files into Slicer fails:

cd “/home/jodogne/OsiriX/CALIX/CALIX/CT1 abdomen”

storescu -xw localhost 11112 /.dcm

W: DIMSE Warning: (STORESCU,ANY-SCP): sendMessage: unable to convert dataset from ‘JPEG 2000 (Lossless or Lossy)’ transfer syntax to ‘Little Endian Explicit’
E: Store Failed, file: D30MN BILISCOPIN/IM-0001-0001.dcm:
E: 0006:020e DIMSE Failed to send message
E: Store SCU Failed: 0006:020e DIMSE Failed to send message

This stems probably from the fact that Slicer does not use the “–accept-all” option for its embedded “storescp” server.

Please contact the Slicer team to report this issue.


Thanks Sébastien for your help, I'll report the issue to the
Slicer-Team. If there is a solution, I'll post the results here.

Best wishes,

The solution to this problem is to edit
"lib/Slicer-4.4/qt-scripted-modules/DICOMLib/" in your
sclicer-directory, add a line
" '--accept-all' ,"
after line 178 saying
" args = [str(self.port),"
and restart Slicer.

Just if anyone else is running into the same trouble.

Thanks again for the hint,