Enhancement Request to Change Audit Data

Hi Sebastien -

Is it possible to get the Change Audit to capture the Study Date such that the Change API can return records matching that date regardless of when they were upload to a DICOM AET.

eg. /changes/studydate/20150214

The Change Date changes on each export to another Orthanc server.


Yes, this is definitely possible by developing a C/C++ plugin for Orthanc.

Have a look at the “OrthancPluginRegisterOnChangeCallback()” function. Here is a sample code:https://code.google.com/p/orthanc/source/browse/Plugins/Samples/Basic/Plugin.c?name=Orthanc-0.8.6#304

Thanks to this function, your plugin could monitor the changes, write them to a second database with an index on the study date, then extend the REST API of Orthanc to serve the content of this second database.