Elessar Theme

Hello dear Orthanc Community!

After several months using and understanding the incredible DICOM software of Orthanc and Osimis, some adaptations were made to the interface.

It was named “Elessar” because of the green and dark grey color combination used.

On the Orthanc Explorer

Mainly motivated to avoid the visual stress, the Elessar theme includes:
Basic login/register,
PHP gettext translation engine making Orthanc available in 14 languages.
PDF & JPG uploaders with preview are also available, “dicomizing” the files “on the fly”
A mobile-friendly navigation bar and adaptive interfase.


PHP, Gettext, CURL, DMTK and GostScript

The login/register are running in traditional PHP. The translation has been done using gettext. The JPG and PDF uploaders rely on PHP, CURL, DCMTK and GhostScript

  1. Files need to be installed in /var/www/html/ngl/xpl folder
  2. /includes/localdefs.php file must be updated to match the server configuration
  3. This must be added to the server configuration file:
    location /ngl/xpl/ {
    index explorer.php;

On the Osimis Webviewer

The labels and loadbar were reduced to maximize the screen availability. The libraries, icons and fonts were optimized to decrease the volume of the application mainframe in order to improve the speed.

Four buttons were added:
Fullscreen (specially useful for mobile media optimization).
Social Share

The short-links are generated via YOURLS

Plus, Cornerstone DICOM tools are available in small screens (first select desktop mode, and then activate full-screen mode to display them).

Some examples (Anonymized):

Chest xRay (COVID-19): https://misimagenes.online/ym166

Face CT: https://misimagenes.online/g9b6v

Lumbar Spine MRI: https://misimagenes.online/j8hqh

Digital Mammography and Doppler US: https://misimagenes.online/6d4ac

The sources are available at

Screen captures attached

Orthanc Explorer on iPad
misimagenes.online_ngl_xpl_explorer.php(iPad) (1).png
Osimis Webviewer on the Samsung S5. Full-screen mode

misimagenes.online_ngl_osimis-viewer_app_index.html_study=eb5ff8e3-5594434e-a5e11818-eb3cfbb8-6177463d(Galaxy S5).pngmisimagenes.online_ngl_osimis-viewer_app_index.html_study=eb5ff8e3-5594434e-a5e11818-eb3cfbb8-6177463d(Galaxy S5) (1).png

Dear Ludwig,

This is great contribution! Thanks so much for your hard work on this development :slight_smile:

I have just added a link to your project in the Orthanc Book and in the “Orthanc Contributed” repository:


Thanks again,

Dear Orthanc Community

Following Pascal Precht Angular Translate scheme, the updated locales for the Osimis WebViewer -including all the labels of the PDF Viewer- are available at

The corresponding pdf-viewer.directive.html, is at https://github.com/Terabuck/Osimis-Dicom-Viewer-Elessar-/tree/master/src/app/report

Some minors adjustments were made to the scss, just to avoid some fields overlapping of the PDF menu bar when used in small screens.

Attached is an actual PDF report, as displayed in Spanish on a Nexus 6.



Thanks Mr. Ludwig for your effort.
I wish if you can explain the third step in more detail. I mean where exactly to modify the configuration file: location ?
Thanks in Advance

Sorry for posting many messages.
I copied all contents of src to /var/www/htm/ngl/xpl as mentioned and tried to use index.php but after entering credentials (user and password) I get
Error: could not find driver
Is this due to configuration?

Dear all.

I am so sorry. I am not programmer. I do not understand this:

This must be added to the server configuration file:
location /ngl/xpl/ {
index explorer.php;
Sintaksis of orthanc.json must be “" : [ "*****” ],

Where I must add this phrase?

So I want try Osimis-Dicom-Viewer-Elessar and OrthancContributed for starting Weasis . How I can use this contribution.
If you need I can help with translation to russian.

Best regards.

суббота, 6 февраля 2021 г. в 15:01:53 UTC+6, doc...@gmail.com:


I’m not the author of the Elassar plugins, so I can’t provide any definitive answer.

Regarding the highlighted item:

location /ngl/xpl/ {
index explorer.php;

=> This is visibly a configuration for the nginx Web server (not for Orthanc). For instance, check out:

Regarding the Russian translation, I guess you should send a pull request from GitHub to the original author.