Efilm infinite download

Hi, I’m new to the topic.
A few days ago I’m using Orthanc and it works wonders but now I’ve wanted to connect efilm as I show you in the images I attached. It works, I can look for a study to download it and see it; The problem is that every time I call a remote studio, I download the images of the previous studies and a snowball was made and it is impossible to use it.
I wanted to know if something is wrong, I see the log of Orthanc something is wrong and in the log of efil also comes errors that are not interpreted.
Thank you.

I’m using

Orthanc in windows 10
Efilm 2.1.2 in windows xp (I want to replace the old but this has been working for years)





orthanc.json (20.3 KB)

SyntaxLists.ini (1.74 KB)


Hello Lucio

Is it just me, or is the orthanc log file missing from your post?

As pointed out, the orthanc log might be useful. But this is likely a misuse of Efilm. The following lines give you a hint:

(2632) 04-26 08:36:34.33 Start: DICOM Study Root Query
PatientsName = PatientsID = Accession = From = 20190425 To = 20190425 M = Desc = ip = port = 4242 AE = DICOMSERVER

It has been a few years since I worked with EFILM, and I do reccomend you look into alternatives (at least updating OS and EFILM into latest versions, but this is you (or the user) clicking on “Retrieve” with broad parameters. Either double click a single study on the list or be more specific in the parameters before clicking retrieve.

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I’m sorry I had passed

Orthanc.log.20190426-083313.2480 (6 KB)

If you can see in the “dibujo1” the queue in EFILM you can see the last line over 14 thousand downloaded images. when in realization does not exceed 1000.

Please carefully read this FAQ of the Orthanc Book:

Excerpt: “We do not provide free support for proprietary software (including freeware). If you encounter difficulties while interfacing Orthanc with some proprietary software, contact the commercial support of your supplier. As Orthanc is free and open-source, the support team of your supplier can download Orthanc, and can help you solve your problem.”