Echoscu and storescu returned success while findscu and movescu returned "Peer aborted Association"

Hi everyone.
I tried to set up Orthanc 1.0.0 dicom server on Windows system (Windows 10 x64 FYI), I could successfully use echoscu to test connection to Orthanc and storescu to send dicom file to Orthanc.

HOWEVER, when I ran finscu or movescu, neither returned “E: 0006:0317 Peer aborted Association (or never connected)”

I think I’ve added correct AET in DicomModalities:

I’ve also tested with GinkGo software, it also returned success with echo command while “Peer aborted association” in query.

Sorry for those many pictures, I am not good at writting to present issues.

Any help will be appreciated.

PS: Orthan has some valid dicom studies in its database.


In your findscu, you are using NAME as an AET instead of ACME1.


In complement to Alain’s answer, the Orthanc Book contains an illustrated guide to configure Ginkgo CADx:

Well…It was not the AET problem, I actually tried neither AET ACME1 or NAME, they all returned “Peer aborted…”
I ran the Orthanc server on the same Windows 10 machine at that time, when I run Orthanc on Linux machine (Federa 23), problem gone…
Don’t know why though.
Thanks anyway!

在 2016年3月23日星期三 UTC+8下午5:49:16,Qaler写道:

Could be a Windows Firewall problem.

I don’t think so. I’ve turned off both Windows and linux firewall before I did testing.

在 2016年3月24日星期四 UTC+8下午3:30:36,Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana写道: