Duplicate Patients

Dear Orthac Community,

In our research lab, we have a simple, yet important question. Suppose that, for instance, we have a folder of .dcm files with several patients. During the time, we took some of them and uploaded the .dcm files to the Orthanc Server, but not monitoring the files that were uploaded and the files that were not.

At the moment, we need to upload ALL .dcm files to our Orthanc Server. However, we do not know which files are already on the server.

So our questions are as follows:

  1. How does the Orthanc Server work with duplicate files?

  2. How could we solve easily this issue?

Thank you.

Hi Francisco,

When you will try to upload a file which is already stored, Orthanc will detect that fact and so avoid a new upload.
This behavior can be changed. You can have a look on ‘OverwriteInstances’ parameter which allows to upload a file even it is already stored (this is useful when a file has been modified but UIDs are not (this should theoretically not happen, but actually does happen on some systems)).


Thank you for your answer. Therefore, we will proceed with a hard upload.

Dear Benoit Crickboom

‘OverwriteInstances’ parameter ?

Where do you set it?
Is it a Jsox file?
Please give me a sample.

Koji Ando

2019年4月5日金曜日 20時36分10秒 UTC+9 Benoît Crickboom:

Check out the documentation:

Dear Sébastien Jodogne

I saw the default JSON file,
'OverwriteInstances' parameter
There is no description of.
How do I add it?

2019年4月9日火曜日 15時23分34秒 UTC+9 Sébastien Jodogne:

There is full documentation in the default configuration file.



// Specifies how Orthanc reacts when it receives a DICOM instance
// whose SOPInstanceUID is already stored. If set to “true”, the new
// instance replaces the old one. If set to “false”, the new
// instance is discarded and the old one is kept. Up to Orthanc
// 1.4.1, the implicit behavior corresponded to “false”.
“OverwriteInstances” : false,

Dear Sébastien Jodogne

Thank you for your answer.

I am using the Mac version, but there was no description in the JSON file.

Another question is, is there a function to overwrite patient information (patient name and date of birth)?
Are there any plans to install it in the future?
If you say why

The data for the first exam registered is
In patients whose birth date has not been entered
This is because the patient information sent second may be entered correctly.

In case
Unconscious if taken by emergency
Patient ID is assigned, but the name and date of birth may be unknown.
After that, there are many cases where the name and date of birth can be found.

2019年4月10日水曜日 3時13分13秒 UTC+9 Sébastien Jodogne:

Instead of clicking on “all patients” in the Orthanc Explorer, click on “all studies”.

If you have update the study enabled in the config, when a study with updated information is sent, as long as the studyUID is the same, it should update that information in Orthanc.