Donations to Orthanc Project ?

Does the Orthanc project have a way to make donations to the project ? I realize that you are probably more interested in getting larger contributions through paid support contracts, but I don’t have a big budget to purchase professional services at this point, and I suspect there are other people who are in the same boat.

However, the documentation that you have online, and the source code documentation is really excellent for an open source project, I don’t mind making some small monetary contributions as I can. I did not see a way to do that through your website ? Would be nice if you had a PayPal or Stripe account to accept contributions from people who cannot buy professional services, or from people who just want to make a donation because they appreciate all of the work and time that has gone into the project.

Glad to see there is a new release. Excited to compile that for production and see how the performance compares to a development build.


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your request. It’s one of the first times we have such a request and it forces us to clarify our mind about it and add an entry in the FAQ !

Indeed, the entrypoint for commercial support (at least on Osimis side) is quite high for small actors. Small contracts/incomes require a lot of work and we actually prefer to avoid them.

The same goes for donations: we don’t want to rely on donations and would prefer that people contribute by i.e, being active on the forum, improving the doc, … If at some point, you grow a business on top of Orthanc that is profitable enough to purchase a commercial support contract, of course, we would be very happy about it ! And if you don’t grow such a business and never financially support Orthanc, don’t feel sorry about it !

Best regards,