Display additional tags information in Osimis Viewer


We use Orthanc to store image series of around 300 images each.
Typically some of the images in single series (N first and M last) are non-informative.
To reduce occupied DICOM server storage and speed up remote download, the acquisition software has feature allowing user selection of the image range to be exported to Orthanc.

For example, lets take 140 images starting from #60 to #199 for exporting. Each of them have (0020,0013) tag with the image number (InstanceNumber in Orthanc).
When remote user opens this series through most of the DICOM-compatible viewers, the image number displayed correctly: from 60 to 199.
In case of using Osimis Viewer, the image numbers start from 1.

Is it possible to display the “real” image number from tag (0020,0013) in Osimis Viewer? As an additional overlay line for instance?