Disable only Explorer FrontEnd in Orthanc


We are using Orthanc Pacs Storage, the Api rest funcionality and the web viewer.
We have this envirenment integrated with our HIS software. When we check a study in our His we can open the Dicom image.
We open via link like https://OrthancDomain/osimis-viewer/app/index.html?study=6fdeaa55-34f66b26-fef0fca2-b4952059-a8a62ce0
This work fine, but we notice if we delete all the link and run https://OrthancDomain we can open the Orthanc Explorer and we give the end user access to the explorer.

We will check the LUA script funcionality (to add security), but I would like to know if we can disable only the access to the explorer. We do not use it at all.

You could:

Works fine with this script

function IncomingHttpRequestFilter(method, uri, ip, username, httpHeaders)
– Only allow GET requests for non-admin users

if method == ‘GET’ then
if string.find(uri, “/app/explorer”,0,true) then
return false;
return true;
return true;