DIMSE - (0018,9327) has out-of-range value

Hello All,
I've been testing OHIF viewer to work with Orthanc (1.2). While Orthanc DicomWeb works great but the speed is very slow. So, I was told to try Orthanc with DIMSE.

With DIMSE configured, every time I try to pull any study (CR, MRI, CT, or US) I get an error in Orthanc Log which is given below.
-E0126 FromDcmtkBridge.cpp:1649] While creating a DICOM instance, tag (0018,9327) has out-of-range value: ""
-E0126 FindScp.cpp:256] C-FIND request hander has failed: Bad file format

I have few hundreds of study and I have tried many :slight_smile: however I get same error in the Orthanc Log file.

I have added following to the DicomModalities section of Orthanc's Configuration.json
"ohif" : [ "OHIFDCM", "localhost", 3000 ]

Can you please guide me what could be wrong?

Best regards,