Different location for OrthancStorage

in a standard installation, Orthanc creates OrthancStorage in /etc/orthanc (which should be for config, not for file storage)

I want to change this to /var/lib/orthanc/OrthancStorage, and adapted in Resource/Configuration.json the variable “StorageDirectory” accordingly

“StorageDirectory” : “/var/lib/orthanc/OrthancStorage”

Unfortunately, the system still tries to open /etc/orthanc/OrthancStorage:

W0325 19:01:08.779369 OrthancInitialization.cpp:301] SQLite index directory: “/etc/orthanc/OrthancStorage”
E0325 19:01:08.780502 main.cpp:1639] Uncaught exception, stopping now: [SQLite: Unable to open the database] (code 1002)

Am I looking for the right variable?

If the variable is correct, can you pls check if this is an issue in my packaging or in orthanc?



You are most probably looking for the "“IndexDirectory” configuration option


Hi Sebastien,

Hi Axel,

What are the exact steps that led to this problem ?

Have you tried to run Orthanc with the default parameters for IndexDirectory, then stopped Orthanc, changed IndexDirectory to point to /var/lib…, then moved the existing DB, then started Orthanc?

Hi Benjamin