I am really embarassed to ask this question but here we goes.

What is actually the purpose / benefit of the DicomWeb plug in ? ( i have cardiologist , not an IT geek ) .

I have installed the web viewer plug in but dont really understand the dicomweb plug in .

could someone explain in the simplest term, please


Dicom Web in general allows you to transfer DICOM images over HTTP(S).

While you would never allow a direct DICOM connection between 2 hospitals (because the DICOM protocol is not secured at all), with Dicom Web, you can establish an encrypted connection between 2 PACS over a standard internet connection (no need for VPN or so).

Some viewers also use Dicom-Web protocol to connect to the image source (PACS or Orthanc).

But, as a cardiologist, you might indeed not benefit from the dicomweb plugin :slight_smile:

In complement to Alain’s answer, you might be interested in reading the following Wikipedia page: