DicomWeb Proxy Plugin: config example

I just found the incredibly useful DicomWeb Proxy Plugin.
Is there any example how to configure the plugin? I am especially interested in the proxy part.

Thanks a lot,


Hi Felix,

The project is currently not maintained or supported and is provided only as an exemple for those who’d like to create the same kind of plugins.

As you’ll see from the code, the project has been aborted very early and right now, only the WADO-RS has been implemented. Without the QIDO-RS, it’s basically useless.

Dear Alain,

thank you for your quick reply.
WADO-RS is in fact all I need. Instead of QIDO I am going to query the PACS through FHIR.
Would you consider the WADO-RS implementation stable? Can you provide me an example for the configuration?

Thanks, Felix

Am Di., 6. Nov. 2018, 18:31 hat Alain Mazy <am@osimis.io> geschrieben:

Honestly, I don’t remember the development status but I think we’ve seen the WADO-RS working.

I’ve updated the doc with an example of configuration (from reading the code - not validated):