DicomRT support?

Hi, does Orthanc support dicomrt extensions?
Thanks James Gordon

Dear James,

Because Orthanc takes its root from real-world problems in the imaging flows of radiotherapy and nuclear medicine departments, the support of DICOM-RT is evidently an objective of Orthanc:

In the mid-term, Orthanc should ease the development of tools such as dicompyler, by consolidating all the DICOM files for a radiotherapy planning behind the REST API. The work about RT-STRUCT has just begun in the “dicom-rt” development branch of the Mercurial repository:

However, this is still an highly experimental, incomplete code. I will made announcements when a release will provide DICOM-RT primitives.



Thanks for your reply.

My radiation therapy department is looking for a dicom(rt) server to provide the dicom side of an internal clinical database to hold our trials related information, for outcome studies. Orthanc is attractive because of the properties you list:

Lightweight and fast (written in C++),
Standalone (all the dependencies can be statically linked),
Cross-platform (at least Linux and Windows),
Compliant with the DICOM standard (as it is built on the top of DCMTK),
Programmer-friendly (REST API, JSON, PNG).

One of the obvious options at present is Conquest, but it is sporadically supported and has a legacy codebase which maybe needs to be updated.

Let me know how it goes with Orthanc.
Once you implement DicomRT I'd like to try.



Many thanks for your feedback. Actually, Orthanc is also used in our hospital to handle the automated anonymization of the medical images for clinical studies.

The current codebase of Orthanc does support the parsing of RT-STRUCT files. I am getting close to a release: I just have to complete the generation of binary images from the ROIs. For your application, will you also need the parsing of RT-DOSE and RT-PLAN?