DICOM-Web server

"HttpError" : "Not Found",
	"HttpStatus" : 404,
	"Message" : "Unknown resource",
	"Method" : "GET",
	"OrthancError" : "Unknown resource",
	"OrthancStatus" : 17,
	"Uri" : "/dicom-web/"

configuration file: orthanc.json

// List of paths to the plugins that are to be loaded into this
  // instance of Orthanc (e.g. "./libPluginTest.so" for Linux, or
  // "./PluginTest.dll" for Windows). These paths can refer to
  // folders, in which case they will be scanned non-recursively to
  // find shared libraries. Backslashes must be either escaped by
  // doubling them, or replaced by forward slashes "/".
  "Plugins" : [ "C:/Program Files/Orthanc Server/Configuration/Plugins/dicomweb.json" ],

  // Maximum number of processing jobs that are simultaneously running
  // at any given time. A value of "0" indicates to use all the
  // available CPU logical cores. To emulate Orthanc <= 1.3.2, set
  // this value to "1".
  "ConcurrentJobs" : 2,


I see that you refer to a .json file in the plugin list. That seems incorrect. The plugin list must refer to .dll or .so files

Try to replace it with :

  "Plugins" : [ "C:/Program Files/Orthanc Server/Plugins/OrthancDicomWeb.dll" ]

Also, don't forget to read the Orthanc book parts pertaining to the DICOMweb plugin : [https://book.orthanc-server.com/plugins/dicomweb.html#id5](https://book.orthanc-server.com/plugins/dicomweb.html#id5)


I correct that. Sorry... The error persist. The same error code.

Please provide full logs and full configuration files. Otherwise, nobody could help you.

orthanc.json (20.4 KB)

Orthanc.log.20190809-021940.5588 (2.77 KB)

dicomweb.json (662 Bytes)

You log shows that Orthanc has successfully started, so there is no problem here:

W0809 02:19:40.759309 main.cpp:714] Orthanc has started

If there is a real problem, please read the Orthanc Book, and provide full logs in “–verbose” mode together with a way to reproduce your issue:

The /dicom-web endpoint is not a valid dicom-web endpoint. The 404 you receive is normal.

Try /dicom-web/servers to retrieve the list of configured servers

Then, once you have a working server (let’s say, sample), you can get:


This is all explained here: https://book.orthanc-server.com/plugins/dicomweb.html?highlight=dicomweb#id15

Please read the doc before performing blind tests. This will save time for everybody :slight_smile: