DICOM query/retrieve question

Hello all -

I'm troubleshooting a DICOM query/retrieve issue with orthanc 0.8.5.

I have a test instance of Orthanc loaded with a few studies. If I
issue a query like this, it returns a result without issue:

$ findscu -v -P -aet sparrow -aec EAORTHANC -k 0008,0052="PATIENT" -k
0010,0010="" -k 0010,0020="" localhost 4242

...but if I query using the STUDY model, no dice:

$ findscu -v -P -aet sparrow -aec EAORTHANC -k
QueryRetrieveLevel="STUDY" localhost 4242

When I do this, the query hangs and Orthanc eventually logs this:

E0312 00:40:27.305624 2172 FindScp.cpp:194] Find SCP Failed: DIMSE
Failed to send message
E0312 00:40:57.364058 2172 CommandDispatcher.cpp:852] DIMSE failure
(aborting association): DIMSE No data available (timeout in
non-blocking mode)

Any ideas?



This command was actually run with a -S, not -P as I originally wrote.
To be clear, the full command was:

$ findscu -v -S -aet sparrow -aec EAORTHANC -k
QueryRetrieveLevel="STUDY" localhost 4242

Thank you.


You need to specify at least one tag to be returned. For instance, changing your original request:

findscu -v -S -aet sparrow -aec EAORTHANC -k QueryRetrieveLevel=“STUDY” localhost 4242


findscu -v -S -aet sparrow -aec EAORTHANC -k QueryRetrieveLevel=“STUDY” -k StudyID=“*” localhost 4242

Will work fine, of course provided that the AET “sparrow” is present in the “DicomModalities” section of your configuration file.


As a complement, I have fixed the code so that there is no freeze when the C-FIND request does not specify any tag to be returned:

This is great info, thanks so much Sébastien!