DICOM Protocol and Error Handling


I’d like to ask for help and clarification on an issue I faced just yesterday.

So I wanted transfer an image from Orthanc A to Orthanc B. For that I used the /modalities URL (http://book.orthanc-server.com/users/rest.html#sending-one-resource).

“A” sends the image and reports success of the operation. But on “B” side, a failure happens. Its ReceivedInstanceFilter fails to work with the image and returns false.

Maybe I missed something but I expected A to receive an error of sorts. At least understand that the operation was unsuccessful, whatever the error was.

As far as I can tell, by referencing a modality on the /modalities URL, I reckon the transfer happens over the DICOM protocol. Changing the URL to /peers and configuring “B” as a peer solves the problem.

Question: is it something DICOM related? I mean, can the DICOM protocol communicate an error properly?

I tried to keep this e-mail as short as possible, so if you need any extra information, don’t hesitate to say it.




You should check the logs of both Orthanc “A” and Orthanc “B”, in “–verbose” mode:

Also, have a look at the DICOM protocol troubleshooting guide: