DICOM Metadata breaks OHIF viewer by Overlay Data tag

Hi, I am facing an issue in getting metadata from Orthanc.

When I am trying to get the metadata from a CT Study, I got a tag named 60003000 and It breaks my viewer. I figured it out that 60xx3000 stands for Overlay Pixel Data of the DICOM file. Some Orthanc returns this field and others don’t, so there might be some missing in configuration? So how can I reject this field in metadata or how can I work around this case?

Thanks a lot!


This is an issue related to OHIF, not to Orthanc. Please report it at the proper place:

If the OHIF team spots an issue about how Orthanc generates the DICOMweb metadata, we’ll happily work on a fix in Orthanc.

In the meantime, you could also modify the source code of the DICOMweb plugin by yourself and propose a workaround to the community, as the Orthanc ecosystem is entirely free and open-source.


Yeah, I understood. But when I tried the same version of Orthanc (osimis/orthanc:21.1.7), one of the Orthanc return this tag, and mine doesn’t. I am confusing about the Orthanc itself and post here. Anyway, thanks for supporting me!

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