Deleting images on the server for a certain period

Hello. Orthanc dicom-server is great! But i need help: How can I delete images on the server for a certain period of time to free up disk space (last year for example)? Is there an easy and clear way to do this?

This question has already been asked and answered by Sebastien. In short, its possible through the REST API.

Ref: Redirecting to Google Groups

Sébastien Jodogne |

Aug 14

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This is possible using the REST API as follows:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/tools/find -d ‘{“Level”:“Study”,“Query”:{“StudyDate”:“20120101-20121231”}}’
$ curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8042/studies/6e2c0ec2-5d99c8ca-c1c21cee-79a09605-68391d12

$ curl -X DELETE http://localhost:8042/studies/ef2ce55f-9342856a-aee23907-2667e859-9f3b734d