data migration

Hello All,

I'm using Orthanc for some time...its been working very good and stable. However, the size of SQLite index file is increasing significantly do to heavy usage. Its getting close to 1GB in size.

I have a question on data migration from SQLite to PostgreSQL. How easy it is or is it doable?

I'm bit nervous if it crashes how do I recover the database plus the performance on larger index file.

Any advice?

Thank you Sébastien for such a wonderful tool!

Warm regards,

Hi Rick,

The easiest/safest method to do such a migration is to extract all studies one by one and push them to a new instance of Orthanc that will replace the first one once your transfer is complete.
This can be cone with a script such as this one:




As a complement to Alain’s answer, you should indeed migrate to an Orthanc server that benefits from a PostgreSQL database.

A SQLite index of 1GB is indeed huge. For my own curiosity sake, how many files are stored in your current instance of Orthanc? This information can be obtained by opening the following URL: http://localhost:8042/statistics

To answer your original question, the way of migrating data between two Orthanc servers is explained in the Orthanc Book:

You can also find potentially interesting information about backups in the following page: