Connecting ultrasound to orthanc

Hi, i’ve installed ORTHANC on NAS server (QNAP). The server is in local network. In the same network there are 3 ultrasound machines which i want to receive worklist data and send exams in dicom to orthanc.
the first problem is that ultrasound machines dont see orthanc dicom server.
for example in GE logiq p5 = I’m filling in device ip (server ) - ping is ok. Then i’m fillling service DICOM STORAGE… and providing AE title and port 4242. - and machine dont see ORTHANC server.
do i need to modify custom configuration.jsn ?? or do need to port forward on router? or anything else?
the second problem is: what plugins do i need to get worklist data to be active?
thanks in advance


Regarding DICOM connectivity, check out the troubleshooting guide and carefully read the Orthanc logs in “–verbose” mode:

Regarding worklist support, check out the dedicated plugin: