Connect OHIF viewer to a third party PACS


We are preparing a new setup for a hospital and the initial work consists on the setup of a prototype just as a proof of concept.

One of the requirements in our project is to have an HTML5 dicom viewer. The viewer from the OHIF project has been taken into account as one of the candidates.

We are now trying to connect the OHIF viewer to a propietary DICOM server from a third party provider, but with no success so far.

We have followed the instructions available in and we are running a docker container with the software. We have also modified the Orthanc configuration file (the “DicomModalities” section) to include the information of our propietary DICOM server. We have also tried to connect to a Dcm4chee test server with no success, neither.

We run this command:

$ sudo docker run --rm -p 4242:4242 -p 8042:8042 -v /home/informatica/docker/orthanc/orthanc.json:/etc/orthanc/orthanc.json:ro jodogne/orthanc-plugin

The, we connect the browser to the port 8042 of the host, and we can see the Orthanc explorer main screen. The DICOM server field shows our DICOM server (so, the configuration file has been properly loaded) but searches do not return any result.

Are these the right steps to setup a OHIF viewer?
Are we doing something wrong?

Any help will be appreciated.


José Antonio Pérez

Dear José,

I apologize, but I personally have no technical knowledge about the OHIF framework.

The Orthanc project only maintains a simple Web viewer plugin for Orthanc, from which you can smoothly view DICOM images possibly coming from proprietary PACS through query/retrieve:

The Orthanc Web viewer is limited in functionalities, but it might be sufficient if used in conjunction with a heavyweight DICOM viewer (such as Horos/OsiriX). The Osimis company also works on a more advanced Web viewer, maybe you could get in touch with them.

For questions related to OHIF, please get in touch with them at: