Connect MITO viewer To Orthanc

I have done my best in order to connect MITO (Medical Image toolkit) to Orthanc PACS, But unfortunately:

  1. I can’t send images from the MITO to Orthanc.
  2. I can query images from Orthanc but can’t download the them.

I hope that someone can help me in order to finalize this issue.
Thank you

That usualy means a bad configured modalitie, have you follow OrthanC tutorial to add a new modalitie ?

Yes, I did that. the parameters was:

  1. IP: localhost becasue both of them are on the same pc.
  2. Port: 11112
  3. Name: DITO

I hope all the above are right, if you see some error kindly correct them to me.

The easier way, if you don’t know the params, it’s to look at the log of ORTHANC … as you will see the port, the AETITLE and the IP of the modalitie trying to connect … so then you could modifiy the .json file with that info.


Please carefully follow the DICOM troubleshooting guide step by step, and provide all the requested information: