Configuration Orthanc - how to add OrthancWebViewer plugin

I am new to Orthanc. I would like to create new plugins, but first I tried to use OrthancWebViewer plugin.
I’m not sure if i did everything correct.

I generated OrthancWebViewer.dll and later I added this in configuration json file:

“Plugins” : [
“C:\Program Files\OrthancWebViewer\lib\OrthancWebViewer.dll”
] ,
“WebViewer” : {
“CachePath” : “WebViewerCache”,
“CacheSize” : 10,
“Threads” : 4

I used C-make to configure and later Visual Studio - to open and install Orthanc.sln.
Basic application works, but this plugin is not working.

Could you give me some advice, how to add this properly. I read information in OrthancBook, but I still have problem.
Maybe plugin is not install, because shared library should be in some specific folder. I tried to put it in different folder, but still it’s not work.
Thank You.


Please check your logs:

I suspect that you simply don’t provide Orthanc with the path to your configuration file. Your log should contain a message “Reading the configuration from…”, indicating what configuration file is in use: