Compilation of Stone of Orthanc WASM samples


I am trying to build and run the Stone of Orthanc WebAssembly samples in a Linux machine with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I have cloned the orthanc-stone repo and installed both Emscripten in the suggested path and all the required packages for a Debian-like distribution, as the guidelines in Applications/Samples/ recommend.

When I launch the Applications/Samples/ script, it seems to run smoothly: up to the “ninja” build step no errors are raised, but the following “ninja install” step does neither creates nor populate the folder where those samples are expected to appear.

Is there any known issue that might be leading to this problem?

Moreover, is there a planned date to publish a first version of the Stone of Orthanc section of the Orthanc Book?




As far as I’m concerned, this script works properly on my Ubuntu 18.04 box my Emscripten 2.0.0.

Have you installed the “ninja” command-line tool (on Debian, this is part of the “ninja-build” package)?

There is currently no planned date for releasing a developer documentation regarding the Stone of Orthanc API.