cmake configuration error on windows

I tried to run cmake on windows, using the cmake gui.

Running configure, I got an error about installing the 7-zip library, but I managed to point cmake to the 7-zip binary.

Then I got the following error:

CMake Error at Resources/CMake/GoogleLogConfiguration.cmake:144 (message):

Please install the libgoogle-glog-dev package

Now, it doesn’t look like glog is available for windows, so I am stuck.


Hi Aaron,

It looks as if you compiled Orthanc in a non-static build, but only static builds are supported under Windows.

You must set the CMake options “STATIC_BUILD” and “STANDALONE_BUILD” to “ON”, then all the third-party dependencies will be automatically downloaded and compiled.

I find the CMake GUI rather counter-intuitive: Have you tried to follow the build instructions for the command-line that are shipped with Orthanc?

As an alternative, feel free to download a precompiled Windows version of Orthanc on the official Website:


Thanks, Sebastian. It is working now.
I actually prefer the cmake gui because it is easy to select different generators: I use either Eclipse CDT w/ mingw
or Visual Studio 2012, Eclipse is nice for refactoring, searching code.