Cannot send a specific dicom to orthanc

I’ve been a happy user of orthanc for several months.
Today I got an error message while sending a DICOM:

E1106 16:31:12.895823 OrthancException.cpp:61] Cannot write to file: Cannot force flush to disk

E1106 16:31:18.923056 StoreScp.cpp:198] Exception while storing DICOM: Cannot write to file

I am using orthanc 23.4.0 on Mac OSX 10.10.5; the database is the default SQLite, with the storage on a remote NAS (actually it is next to the server). I know that’s not the best combo but we are in a small clinic and I don’t need to scale much.
Orthanc can access the files and write any other DICOM on the storage. I tried to export it via weasis, horos and the dicomweb curl command, but I wasn’t able to succeed.
Somebody have a clue of what it could be? I tried search this exact error message but I found nothing… I hope I gave enough context information, but please tell me if something is missing.
Thank you!


This error message is generated by a call to this very low level function fdatasync. I have no idea why your OS fails to sync this file. You may increase logging to at least know which file is being written and possibly run Orthanc with strace to get more info…

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can fix in Orthanc wrt this issue.

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