Cannot retrieve patients\studies list from ORTHANC

1 - Grate soft
2 - Cannot attach image here (try by IE on windows, try by Safary on MAC) - excuse me

3. question
Install server - very well!
Load DCM by Mozilla - very well - localization of name patient ? (Russian) - ok - not critical
Connect to server by viewer - see screnshot - good!
Connection to server - good!
Export studies to server by vewer - good! - it appear in browser
BUT - retrieve patient list NOT OK! :wink:

Is anybody can say something about it problem?

Many thanks!

I assume your viewer is “RealScan 2.0”?

Need to ask simple questions first:

  1. Did you add the RealScan DICOM modality into Configuration.json?
    e.g. “Realscan” : [“REALSCAN”,, 104]

  2. Have you checked the AETitle details (some need to be case sensitive)?