Can I use Orthanc with Oviyam Dicom Webviewer

Could you please tell me how to install Orthanc with Oviyam Dicom Webviewer


From what I understand, Oviyam is inherently bound to DCM4CHEE, and cannot currently work in a standalone mode with other DICOM servers.

However, this forum is not about Oviyam: Please instead get in touch with the developers of this project.

As far as Orthanc is concerned, the Orthanc Book contains a list of alternatives to Oviyam:


There is a version of oviyam that works on tomcat server.
You can find it in DCM4CHEE google group.
I once installed it through tomcat server on XAMPP.

Thanks for the info!

Feel free to contribute by writing documentation about interfacing Oviyam with Orthanc:

The original poster might also have interest in learning how to query/retrieve from DCM4CHEE to Orthanc, so that Oviyam running within DCM4CHEE can fetch its images from a remote Orthanc server: