can i make orthanc to send dicom to web page directuly

can i make orthanc to send dicom to web page directly

i asked about using dicom server of orthanc to send any case to a web page directly

Hello Ahmed,

I assume that you have a Dicom file and you want to upload it to Orthanc, am I correct ?

In that case, the following entry in the Orthanc book will help :

It explains the various ways to transfer Dicom files to Orthanc :

  • the Orthanc Explorer web page,
  • the underlying REST API (that you can use with the curl command-line tool)
  • the DICOM protocol (for instance, through the DCMTK storescu command-line tool).

Hope this helps !

My question is
I have orthanc dicom server,I am already send all studies to it,I download zip and reupload it to a web site
I asked about if I can make orthanc send studies to this webpage directly.

I guess your target web site canot accept studies through DICOMweb?
If your target web site has got a web API to receive studies, then you could create a script (in lua for instance) to upload studies from Orthanc to you web site.
You might wish to contact the admin of your web site to check the possibilities.


If you have administrative access that allow you to properly setup a web server and an Orthanc server, the answer is yes, of course you can.

For best results I’d suggest you to use NGINX balancing capabilities and compress your images locally.

There are some other issues to consider then, such as permissions to view/delete studies, access to the whole studies database and patient’s publicly available personal data, which all have been already solved.