can I get the transfex syntax?

ImageJ has problems with Jpeg compressed images.
I looked at json tags for instance/uid/tags and the tags start at 0008.
The transfer syntax is in 0002,0010 which is not in the list.
Is there any query which will allow me to know the transfer syntax?


Someone tell me if I'm wrong but I think you'll need to retrieve the
DICOM file and parse it.

If you're using the default filesystem-based Orthanc storage backend,
then with dcmdump:

dcmdump /var/lib/orthanc/db/x/y/z | grep 0002,0010
(0002,0010) UI =JPEGLossless:Non-hierarchical-1stOrderPrediction

I certainly thought of that, but I also thought maybe there was a trail of it in the database somewhere?


You can retrieve the TransferSyntaxUID using the REST API, using the two following URIs:

curl http://localhost:8042/instances/.../header?simplify

curl http://localhost:8042/instances/.../metadata/TransferSyntax

In the former call, check the value of the “TransferSyntaxUID” field. The second call is only available since Orthanc 1.2.0.


Thanks Sebastien.

Your “HTH” not only helps, it does the job.

Since I am with Ubuntu I still haven’t updated to 1.2.0 so the first choice is what I used.