C-STORE SCU has failed with DIMSE status 0x0110

I am having some trouble transmitting studies from Orthanc to Aria/Eclipse, and am wondering if anyone can shed some light on what could be happening.

The error (above, in the subject line) is not one which makes much sense to me. I do not have much experience with the dicom transmission protocol, and a brief google indicates that 110 may relate to a message ID, and should not be duplicated, but that didn’t help much.

In case it helps, here is the context. I don’t believe this is relevant, but I can’t rule out their contribution to the problem entirely:

Orthanc is running in a docker container in AWS. Incoming connection are via a network load balancer (for DICOM files) and via an application load balancer (for HTTPS). This all works fine.
Outgoing connections to Aria are routed via a NAT firewall, as Aria requires all connections to be from a stable IP address.

I am using the Osimus docker image, with the below configuration.

“Name”: “Orthanc UAT AU”,
“DicomAet”: “XXX”,
“DicomModalities”: {
“CCQTestEclipse”: [“VMSDBD2128”, “XXX”, XXX]
“RegisteredUsers”: {
“orthanc”: “XXX”

“DicomScuTimeout” : 400,

“HttpRequestTimeout” : 600,
“HttpTimeout” : 600,
“DicomScpTimeout” : 400,
“StableAge”: 300

With a known good study, made up of 2 series (CT and RTSTRUCT), I can transmit all instances in the CT series, and it is accepted. However, when I subsequently transmit the RTSTRUCT series, after about 25 seconds I get the error.

I was using the 20.5.3 Orimus image, but the attached long was produced using osimus:master, to confirm that it does not work any better with the current development version.

Thanks for any pointers.


log.log (3.58 KB)


The DIMSE status code 0x0110 in the Orthanc logs seems to indicate “Processing Failure” on your Aria/Eclipse server (but this is just a raw guess).

This may seem that your server does not accept to store RT-STRUCT if its reference CT series has not been received previously.

Check out your log files on the Aria/Eclipse.

Also, I kindly invite you to read the following FAQ entry:


Thanks for you help Sébastien. Just in case anyone else benefits from my pain: the problem was that I had added some custom DICOM tags to all series, and the RTSTRUCT modalities were creating new custom tags, but setting their values to null, which was then causing a fatal error with the study when the downstream system tried to parse the RTSTRUCT instance.

Thanks for the pointer to the FAQ too.