BUG: Text Annotation Osimis Webviewer 1.1

Hi There

When trying to change a text annotation on the latest Osimis Web Viewer as displayed on the Demo page (http://www.osimis.io/en/products/orthanc-plugins/osimis-viewer-pro.html), the following javascript error appears int he console, and the annotation does not change:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property 'text' on string 'fdf'
at i (lib.js:18)
at Object.a [as changeTextCallback] (lib.js:18)
at HTMLDivElement.d (lib.js:18)
at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (lib.js:2)
at HTMLDivElement.g.handle (lib.js:2)
at Object.trigger (lib.js:3)
at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (lib.js:3)
at Function.each (lib.js:1)
at ae.fn.init.each (lib.js:1)
at ae.fn.init.trigger (lib.js:3)
at HTMLDivElement.o (lib.js:17)
at HTMLDivElement.dispatch (lib.js:2)
at HTMLDivElement.g.handle (lib.js:2)

Thanks Deon, I’ve encoded it in our bug tracker.

Great, thanks Alainm

Hi Alain

Any update on this bug yet?

Hi Deon,

I have just fixed it in our dev branch. We’ll probably include it as an alpha version in a Docker image next week.



Hi Alain,

That’s great news. Thank you.

Hi Deon,

This has now been released in the osimis/orthanc:18.7.2 images. You’ll need to define the env var WVB_ALPHA_ENABLED=true in order to activate the alpha version.

Best regards,


Excellent, thank you Alain for all your work, as always.