Batch / Auto Query Retrieve

Hi there,

Just a small information, using Orthanc powerfull API I have built and automatic / Batch Retrieve feature in Java as an ImageJ plugin.

I wanted to stop loosing time when we have to download a dataset from a PACS which is painfull since we have to query each patient one by one to make retrieve operation (and sometimes need to wait for the transfert to finish before asking for the next patient…)

So, I have desgined an Auto/Batch Retrieve features.

This allows :

  • Defining a batch of query for which all answers will be retrieve, each query can be fully set using one of multiple combination of name, date, modality etc etc etc
  • You can perform a “large query” and display answers to manually select the answers that should be retrieved
  • You can export results list in CSV for manual selections of answers and reinject the modified CSV in the retrieve list.

Also the software implement schedule capabilities :

  • You can set a retrieve hour to perform huge retrieve operation during the night
  • You can set a recurrent retrieve to repeat a retrieve operation each day (for example store all patients of the current day from the acquisition console to Orthanc each night)

This is shipped as part of our Fiji/ImageJ PET/CT viewer solution ( but all the code is in Java and freely available (GPL licence) here :

It is really easy to make a standalone Java app from this tool.

In the next month we are going to build additional free and open source services using Orthanc APIs and in a long term vision I want to make a standalone Java tool that will implement all our services.

However meanwhile feel free to use it “as is” or take the source code to include in other open source projects.

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I forget this link for more informations :