Backup questions

I’m using Orthanc with the default SQLite and have questions about backing up:
If it is impossible for the backup program to stop and restart the Orthanc Server Service is it safe to back up after hours with no one else accessing the database?
If it is not safe, how do I stop SQLIte in order to perform the backup? Is there an SQLite admin password?

There is an entry in the Orthanc Book about backup:

To be sure to have a safe backup, Orthanc must be stopped. Make sure to have the process of the “Orthanc server service” killed (i.e. force the stopping). You cannot “stop SQLite”, as SQLite is an embedded database engine that is started by the Orthanc server, so it is started/stopped simultaneously with the Orthanc process.

If you want to separately stop the database engine, you’ll have to switch to MySQL/PostgreSQL: