Backup for Windows10+Orthanc+Postsql plugin

I’m using in Windows10+Orthanc+Postsql plugin.
I’d like to go on backup and install in a different PC, I’m in trouble because there are no detailed explanations.
Please help someone.

Please check out the Orthanc Book:

Thank you very much, Sebastien Jodogne.
There was read already, but it can’t be understood.
I use PostgreSQL plugins in “EnableIndex” : true, “EnableStorage” : false.
Should I copy Orthanc folder and do a backup and restoration by PostgreSQL?

Since you are using PostgreSQL for the Orthanc DB and the filesystem for Dicom storage, you should:

  • backup and restore the PostgreSQL DB

  • copy the Orthanc Storage folder

  • copy the configuration file, and adjust paths if required

Thank you very much, Benjamin Golinvaux.
I found out that a considered way is fine.
I'll try.

I succeeded actually.
I wrote it on a blog.

2020年1月20日月曜日 20時46分04秒 UTC+9 M Yoh:

Thanks for your contribution, I have just indexed it into the Orthanc Book:


Hi, I am having problems setting up postgresql with my windows 10 orthanc. Did you create a new database named orthanc in postgresql? I am using version 13 the latest. this is my postgresql.json


  • Configuration to use PostgreSQL instead of the default SQLite
  • back-end of Orthanc. You will have to install the
  • “orthanc-postgresql” package to take advantage of this feature.
    “PostgreSQL” : {
    // Enable the use of PostgreSQL to store the Orthanc index?
    “EnableIndex” : true,

// Enable the use of PostgreSQL to store the DICOM files?
“EnableStorage” : false,

// Option 1: Specify explicit authentication parameters
“Host” : “localhost”,
“Port” : 5432,
“Database” : “orthanc”,
“Username” : “orthanc”,
“Password” : “orthanc”,

// Option 2: Authenticate using PostgreSQL connection URI
// “ConnectionUri” : “postgresql://orthanc_user:my_password@localhost:5432/orthanc_db”,

// Optional: Disable the locking of the PostgreSQL database
“Lock” : false

Thanks! Terry