Avoiding duplicate patients

I am using Orthanc as the backend for my SaaS Echo reporting app. When a study arrives, the techs often only enter in the patients name, and date of birth. They definitely don’t know the patient Id for instance.

Unfortunately, we often end up with studies with the same patient name and date of birth, but with different patient Id’s.

  • What is the logic used to decide if a study is added to a patient, or a new patient is created? I will look through the code, but figure I’d ask here too.
  • What might a good approach be to solve this problem? A simple heuristic of DOB and PatientName check via a Lua script?


Hi Dominic,

Identifiers mechanism management in Orthanc is explained here:
This should help you!


Benoît has answered the first part of the question.

Regarding the second part of the question “What might a good approach be to solve this problem?”, you should use the access at the study level, not at the patient level (which is explained in the FAQ pointed out by Benoît). The Orthanc Explorer interface allows you to list all the studies by clicking on the “All Studies” button, and the “Do Lookup” feature also uses the study level. Check out the demo server at: