Autodeletion of followup responses

Hi Alain,

I ran a test of whether I could respond to your responses and in both cases (the old thread and even the most recent thread about autodeletion), my posts were deleted.

I seem to be able to start new threads, but if I respond to one of your responses in an existing thread, my new response is autodeleted after a few minutes.

That sort of throws a wrench into the discussion thread. :slight_smile:



There’s another unrelated thread that is showing “deleted post” messages.

I did not participate in this thread, but it almost looks like responses to your posts are autodeleted? Your message is the last to appear in that thread.


As a test, see if you can kill this thread by responding to it. I’ll try to respond to your response and we’ll see if everything is autodeleted at that point.

Yet another thread where your response is the last and following responses are deleted.

I went back and looked at your responses and this seems to be the oldest one where autodeletion gets turned on. There are responses of yours back in December were people were able to post followups.


ok, let’s try if this message kills the thread …

test response 22-jan 10:24 MDT

So far, it looks like these are going through, but I couldn’t tell you why yesterday’s posts to the first autodeletion thread were deleted.



So far, it looks like these are going through, but I couldn’t tell you why yesterday’s posts to the first autodeletion thread were deleted.

The Google discussion group automatically classified your messages as spams. As the administrator of the mailing list, I receive a report once every few days where I can manually approve messages (which was the case yesterday, which explains your messages now appear). This also explains why there can be a delay between the moment you post your messages, and the moment they appear on the mailing list. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, please be patient and don’t expect an immediate answer from the Orthanc community. As a general rule of thumb, please avoid posting many messages and favor the use of the Web interface of Google Groups (instead of mails), as this activity looks suspicious to Google and leads you to be considered as a spammer. I have manually approved your e-mail for future posts, but Google’s algorithms might revert my change.

Regarding messages tagged as “Deleted”, these really can be messages that have been removed by their original poster.


Hi Sebastien,

That’s strange that it appears as though I am using email to send to the forum. I am and always have been using the web interface to make my posts to the forum.

Also, I apologize if my many posts to my own threads give the impression that I am impatient with the Orthanc community. I find the forums very useful for finding information about Orthanc and am happy with the rapid responses I do receive from members and representatives from Osimis.

First, I understand that many of you are probably multiple hours outside of my timezone and won’t see my posts until late into my local night.

Second, when I encounter an obstacle with Orthanc that leads me to post to the forum, I’m likely to continue tackling the problem even as I wait for answers from other users. I try in my subsequent posts to document the various things I’ve tried - partly for my own later use and partly for others if they run into the same problem.

Perhaps it’s these subsequent posts that Google is interpreting as Spam and you may be interpreting as impatience on my part?

That’s good to know about Google. I’ll have to think about how to handle that in the future. At one point in the distant past, you could edit an existing post to add to it. These days, it seems that replying to my own posts is the way to do that.

Again, I’m quite happy with the rapid responses I get here. I hope I can help out other users at some point.


Hi John,

Thanks for your kind feedback!

Sorry for my bad phrasing: I don’t personally consider you as “impatient”. Please be sure that I really appreciate your investigations and contributions.

I simply wanted to highlight the fact that Google Groups tends to interpret sequences of self-answering messages as spam. In any case, this inconvenience should hopefully not occur anymore from now on, given my manual authorization to allow all of your future posts.


No problem. Thanks for a great product and your quick responses.