Athena with orthanc?

Has anyone gotten the Athena DICOM viewer to work with Orthanc?

Many thanks


Any DICOM viewer should be compatible with Orthanc through DICOM query/retrieve:

Athena DICOM viewer is proprietary software for which we can’t provide any specific support. Get in touch with their support team, as explained in our FAQ:


Athena only asks for PAC server info and port. I tried the DicomPort 4242 on my Orthanc but queries fail.

So, your Orthanc is wrongly configured. Check out that the “DicomModalities” configuration option contains an entry corresponding to Athena, and carefully read your logs (both from Orthanc in “–verbose” mode and from Athena).

This is all explained in the Orthanc Book:

Hi, May I help you?

  1. Check the settings on jason configuration file.
  2. Verify firewall (Windows local firewall or in your network).

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Eriberto Alvares

One more thing: Are you looking to access remotely or locally (Localhost)?