ARM architecture

PErhaps a stupid question.
Has anyone run Orthanc on an ARM architecture system?

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Yes, for instance the official Debian package successfully compiles on arm64, armel and armhf:


Yes I have had a couple of instances running on Raspberry pi for over a year now. We use it in a veterinary emergency center. One is set to keep a rotating set of the most recent studies for referring practices to log in via the web without providing access to our main pacs. The other is in my day practice to have more convenient off site web based access, as well as a secondary backup of my studies. It mirrors my primary pacs.

If you load the default raspian OS, orthanc is in the regular repository and takes very little setup and no compiling. I’m sure it’s not the latest version, but it works. I have used the included web viewer, also Radiant viewer, and some others It all just works, and the pi 3b+ has been stable as a rock. No restarts, no corrupt sd. I just used the default database.

Orthanc packages for openSUSE (64bit) are as well available for ARM: