API for Orthanc Config

I’ve been searching through online resources and the Orthanc Book and don’t see anywhere an API call that can be made to Orthanc that returns how the server is set up (ie, AET, port, TransferSyntaxes accepted etc: information configured in the orthanc.json file). I appreciate that this may be a security concern, but if the API call was made from a known DICOM entity already (as in, it’s listed in the DicomModalities) then would there be any harm?

I think this would be really useful, as an external application could check the configured settings for the server before starting to send or query.


Hi Dave,

/system route could partially fit your need:

~$ curl http://localhost:8044/system { "ApiVersion" : 2, "DatabaseBackendPlugin" : "/usr/share/orthanc/plugins/libOrthancPostgreSQLIndex.so", "DatabaseVersion" : 6, "DicomAet" : "ORTHANC2", "DicomPort" : 4242, "HttpPort" : 8042, "Name" : "", "PluginsEnabled" : true, "StorageAreaPlugin" : null, "Version" : "1.5.6" }

BTW, have you had a look on the “Reference of the REST API” link on that page : https://www.orthanc-server.com/static.php?page=documentation ? This could be useful.


Absolutely - that certainly helps, thanks for the pointer.


The full Orthanc configuration is available to plugins using function “OrthancPluginGetConfiguration()”:https://sdk.orthanc-server.com/group__Toolbox.html#gad573a8a861f0053250ef1d328a55ac5d

As a consequence, you can create a plugin to fulfill your need: