Anonymize DICOM without deleting data

Hi all,

I know Orthanc can anonymize DICOM instances. I tried it and it works great :slight_smile:

In my app, some people don’t have the rights to see the patients informations, but some must. For now, the only solution I got is to duplicate each uploaded DICOM, anonymize the first one. This way, I can serve the right instance depending the user’s rights.

To me it’s a workaround. Without talking about checks I need to implement in my app to handle correctly this process, in term of storage, well… it will quickly be huge.

First, I was thinking about a flag on the REST API to set (on the fly) if an instance must be anonymized, but it seems it not possible.

Do you have guidelines? Did you have this need?

Thank you.

“On-the-fly anonymization” is not built in Orthanc, but feel free to contribute by implementing a dedicated plugin:

This plugin would call the “/instances/…/anonymize” URI in the REST API of Orthanc to anonymize a single instance: